at Bethany College

Campus Involvement




Each semester, we encourage our members to get involved on campus with something besides Alpha Xi Delta.  We are very successful in getting involved on campus and being able to represent our chapter in a positive light! Our sisters are involved in things like the Women's Softball Team, Dance Team, Equestrian Team, and the annual Relay for Life event.

We have many members who work on campus in a variety of locations.  Anywhere from the Library to the Finance office, there is a Delta Chapter member there! We, in the past, have also had many members working in the President's office. Our sisters hold leadership positions in various clubs on campus such as the History and Tri-Beta Club. 

Here is a list of the current members of Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Chapter;

Emily Anderson

Brooke Barlow

Spencer Bowman

Serenity Brown

Samantha Binkley

Sierra Bone

Haleigh Brooks

Ashley Cass

Epiphany Charles

Cherish Coffindaffer

Kiera Cullen

Lauren Davis

Emily Dimichele

Jasmine Fuqua

Keyira Golden

Winifred Hauber

Maddie Hill

Abigail Kojsza

Amber LaMotte

Sydnee Lipscomb

Logan Mayhew

Celeste Marchbanks

Hannah McGaffick

Victoria McGaffick

Dawson McHarg

Jordan Moore

Alexis Monroe

Desiree Podgorski

Kennedy Quillen

Alyssa Rodriguez

Leah Roman

Toshia Rush

Jenna Scott

Sarah Sebetich

Bree Shuester

Samantha Seymour

Ashley Vankirk

Danielle Vealey

Zoe Woods

Bryanna Young